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94 Tindall Road
Middletown, NJ




Session I June 12 to June 15
Let’s See What Grows

Session II June 19 to June 22
A Bug’s Life “Mysteries of the Creepy Crawlers”

Session III June 26 to June 29

Master Class in Masterpieces

Session IV July 10 to July 13
Feel the Beat

Session V July 17 to July 20
Go Team!

Session VI July 24 to July 27

Camp is from 9-12 Monday through Thursday, unless otherwise indicated,@ $200/week (you provide a snack). Camp is closed the week of July 4th.
Gardening, water play, and art will be a component of each camp. The program is open to children ages 3 - 6. Please return the attached form along with a $25 deposit for each session.